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Dippers: Home Runs II CS (SHR005)

Image of Dippers: Home Runs II CS (SHR005)


note: currently sold out but should have some more of these assembled soon

Home Runs II is the fourth, count it, fourth cassette release from Brooklyn's Dippers (sometimes goes by Dipers). I play in this band so it's hard for me to describe, but it's straight up no bullshit hardcore punk rock touching on relevant subjects across the underground spectrum, from the manager of the New York Yankees getting Beaver Fever to harvesting that cheesy white stuff hiding under your foreskin. Ian Dickson once wrote "Band is good" on facebook. Marty Hladik said "Oh, you guys are playing at Tommy's tonight?" last Friday. Split release from Shit Hawk Records and Howard Novak Records. 10 tracks, 18 minutes. A side not live, B side live. 200 copies.

Joe Giardia
Shmegma Shong
Respect The Bus
2 Chill 2 Drill
Intro (live)
Shmegma Shong (live)
Bed Bugs Are Back (live)
Drinking and Doing Drugs While Texting and Driving (live)
Light My Farts (live)

Coming Soon